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Certified in 2020, Emory has been a Broadway Green Alliance Captain working on multiple shows and efforts to bridge the gap between art and the environment. She has had many recent articles written about her work at her University in the states and looks to work with University programs as well as professional theatres to improve their dedication to making sustainable theatre.

Recent Publicity:

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My Green Initiatives:

Carbon-Nuetral Production of Tick...Tick..Boom!

In 2022, a group of my artist friends and I got together in hopes of creating a carbon nuetral production of Jonathan Larson's hit musical Tick... Tick... Boom!  I served as Green Captain for the production keeping the company engaged in conversations on sustainability, keeping track of everything wasted, and completing a Green Presentation alongside my sustainability collaborator Attie Marshall.

Plastic   Donation   Drive

I started a plastic donation drive in the OU Fine arts department alongside OU Green Week. All of the plastic waste was donated through a Texas-based company called Bag-to-Benches where they use the plastic to create a bench on your school's campus.


Green Board

I created a bulletin board in the main hallway of the Fine Arts Center where we showcase environmental brochures, upcoming events, and environmental art made by FAC student volunteers.

OU Green Captain Toolkit

This document was made in collaboration by OU Professor Reneé Brode and myself as a living document of the role of Green Captain in University productions. Feel free to read through, make a copy, and create your own. Let's start making theatre sustainable.

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